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F-106A 59-0010
Aerospace Museum of California, McClellan, CA

F-106A 59-0010 displayed at the Aerospace Museum of California (AMC) [formerly named McClellan Aviation Museum], McClellan CA [old McClellan AFB]. Initially on display in the Hardie Setzer Pavilion, the pavilion formally dedicated and opened on 2 Feb 2007, it now sits outside in the airpark. "Balls 10", as she is known, is painted in 5th FIS Minot ND colors, being assigned to the 5th for a great many years of its career. The aircraft arrived at AMC in May 2005 where it was restored and put on display on in early 2007. During its career, 59-0010 survived a major mid-air collision where it lost the first 14 feet of its nose, and in its last assignment was a tow vehicle by a C-141 during the NASA Eclipse Project. The Sacramento Air Logistics Center (SMALC) was the assigned repair depot for the F-106 and processed virtually all F-106s from 1959 through to 1985. Volunteers from the Aerospace Museum of California restored this aircraft in 2005 - 2006 with the restoration team led by F-106 pilot Dick Stultz, LtCol, USAF (Ret), former TAZ, RED BULL 11 and ENEMY AIR Zero One. 59-0010 is maintained by the AMC and dedicated Crew Chiefs Christopher T. Carey, AEOLUS Aerospace and David Wilson. 'Balls 10' unofficial new nickname at the museum is now 'Heathcliff', a reference to 1950's comedian Red Skeltons famed skit about two seagulls, Heathcliff and Gertrude.
PDF File Link:A BRIEF HISTORY OF CONVAIR F106A ‘DELTA DART’ TAIL NUMBER 59-0010 “BALLS 10” by Christopher T. Carey