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F-106A 58-0786
California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA
The California Science Center picked up F-106A 58-0786, one of the El Paso Sixes (El Paso Six F-106A 58-0786), for eventual rebuild and display at the Center. Dennis Jenkins is the project lead. 22 Mar 2016: Dennis reports that sadly there will not be any progress for a while. The Six is safely in storage at Mojave but until the California Science Center gets the new building built, which is still a couple of years out, there is no point doing anything with her since we have no inside space to display her. So she sits as she did when arriving in Oct 2015 it, disassembled and stored until there is room for it in the new building. More on F-106 Delta Dart Forums. and Twitter #projectsavethesix