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F-106B 59-0158
Air Force Flight Test Center Museum, Edwards AFB, CA

59-0158, the infamous F-106 in the photo with the 7 Original Mercury Astronauts, sits in the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) Museum, Edwards AFB, CA painted in 329th FIS markings depicting its time the 329th FIS from George AFB CA had an Alert Detachment at Edwards the early 1960s.  How it got there?  On 13 May 2002 the Office of Public Affairs at the Wright Patterson USAF Museum confirmed this bird had been offered to the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum at Edwards AFB CA and they could work the issue of moving it. On 25 Feb 2003 59-0158 arrived at AFFTC Museum, Edwards AFB CA by truck from DM, moved by Worldwide Aircraft Recovery. Funding for the move was provided by the Flight Test Historical Foundation, the museum's support organization. Restoration was expected to start in Jan 2004, but emails from Mr. Doug Nelson, Museum Director, on 24 Apr 2004 indicated 59-0158's restoration had not started yet due to time and resource priorities. Another email from Mr. Doug Nelson on 24 Sep 2004 indicated restoration had still not started yet as they were trying to get another location on base that had an available hangar for work space. Finally, by Oct 2005, 59-0158 was at the final restoration stage of being painted by the 412 EMS/MXM, Edwards AFB CA and expected to be ready for display at the 2005 Edwards AFB Open House/Air Show on 22 & 23 Oct 2005, which it was.