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F-106A 59-0134
Peterson Air & Space Museum, Peterson AFB, CO

59-0134 located at the Peterson Air and Space Museum, Peterson AFB, CO. It was repainted between Sept-Nov 2010 to the early 1960s version of the 48th FIS at Langley AFB VA. Its previous paint was in 194th FIS colors of the Fresno ANG. In Aug 2002, during cosmetic restoration and painting of the exterior it was discovered the entire nose section of the aircraft, cockpit bulkhead forward, was ‘simulated’ including the radome. In May 2003 the radome was removed & transported to the 144th FW in Fresno for repair and in Jun 2003 was returned and reinstalled. In Aug 2004 the cockpit was partially restored, night cockpit lighting installed and a mannequin put into the ejection seat. How it got here: In late 1968/early 1969 59-0134 while assigned to the 318th FIS McChord AFB suffered ground fire damage when external wing fuel tanks were accidentally ejected after a WSEM load. The fire damaged both wings, rear fuselage and vertical stabilizer, and was rendered un-flyable/un-repairable. On 5 Feb 1969 AFLC directed shipment of the aircraft to Lowry AFB CO as a munitions trainer. It was shipped week of 12 May 1969. Sometime after Oct 1975 it became a display bird at Lowry and on 2 Nov 1995 was trucked to Peterson AFB CO for display, where it still sits. 59-0134 in the old 194th Fresno ANG tail flash colors.