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F-106B 57-2545 (& 59-0047)
St Louis, MO, Dan Bissell's 'Frame & Frame Co.

Also see more of the other El Paso Sixes UPDATE 15 Jun 2015: Found where she sits at Dan Bissell's 'Frame & Frame Co. on Google Maps UPDATE 2 Jun 2014: Email from Mark Nankivil states that QF-106B 57-2545 of the El Paso Sixes is the B model purchased by the same indivudual who purchased El Paso Six QF-106A 59-0047 and it too now resides in his hometown of St. Louis, MO laying beside 59-0047 in its still disassembled state.  It arrive disassembled, has not yet been reassembled, and sits beside F-106A 59-0047, both owned by the same individual. F-106B 57-2545, previously QF-106 AD282 and one of the El Paso Sixes sits at its new home in St. Louis MO at 'Bissell Auto & Body'. Dan Bissell, owner of 'Bissell Auto & Body', is the new owner and savoir of this Six and 59-0047, both prior members of the El Paso Sixes.