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F-106B 57-2523
Atlantic City IAP, Atlantic City, NJ
57-2523 is on display in New Jersey painted in it's home 119th FIS colros. It's more than just on display, it's somewhat operational... kind of. As Joe Zane, TSgt of the 177th FW, New Jersey ANG wrote to me "the aircraft has been wired up so the external lights operate at night. The people in the Electrical & Environmental Shop took the time to "light up" all three aircraft (F-100 and F-16 as well), and we will do the same for any other aircraft we get to put on display." These folks have gone "all out" to make a great display for a great jet. And as per popular request... Joe, you deserve, and consider yourself given, an official ATTABOY for your efforts. From Dave Kuntz June 1999: When 57-2514 burned up on the engine ground run, we eventually shipped it back to depot on a railcar. We got 59-0150 from Kelly to use for a number of years. We swapped that with Michigan for 59-0027 and for some reason we got 57-2523 from Fresno. After several? Flights, it came down with a flight control w/u and a baby ma-1 guy, Wayne Baggstrom, was checking out the pitch "g" limiter and his had reseated in the crack in the bulkhead. After an undetermined amount of time, it was decided it couldn't be fixed and the guard headquarters at Andrews (support center) wanted it. Wayne's father was there and he took care of the tire pressures (as it was seating on the ground, unlike the f-4 they mounted.) 57-2523 was 'choppered' down (again no date, sorry) and had to stop at Dover for refuel. Just looked back at your questions. It was not on static display here (Andrews). I think it is also only one of two f-106's with the IR head up.