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F-106A 57-0230
Jacksonville IAP, Jacksonville, FL
F-106A 57-0230 was put on static display at Jacksonville in Feb 1993. Prior to this it was at Charleston AFB. It had been written off by the 87th then sent to Charleston in 1985 for display, arriving in its 87th FIS colors. It remained there until Feb 1993 painted in the 87th FIS Red Bull paint scheme, until moved to the Jacksonville, FL and repainted in 159th FIS Jacksonville ANG colors. 57-0230 was one of my jets at KI Sawyer between 79-81. I remember a hard landing it had once that smashed up the tail a bit. painted in the 87th FIS Red Bulls scheme. December 20, 2002: From Donald Bergin, 125 MAINTENANCE SQ, LGMF, F-106 Static Display At 125th FW Jax. We moved the F- 1 06 from Charleston AFB to Jax on Feb 20,1993.We airlifted the complete aircraft stung under a Army CH-47,assigned to Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah GA. it was done in two hops, with a crew change and fuel stop at Hunter. The second crew was an all female crew, a first for their unit. They had just converted from the Sikorski Sky Crane and were anxious to get some real training. Until then they had been Ming concrete blocks. The F- 106 had previously been on display at a little museum on the base located next to the alert facility. The aircraft had bellied in and was not repairable. The gm bay doors must have been destroyed because they were gone and the complete belly covered with new shectmetal.The speed boards are reproductions and really look good. The aircraft weighed 13,000 pounds the day of the UR. I am trying to find photos of the aircraft 0, but have only been able to find a video. We will try to make prints off of it. I am the Fabrication Branch here at the 125th and was a painter and sheet metal technician during the F- 1 06 days. My last F- 1 06 paint job was the aircraft now located at the Camp Blanding Site. It really turned out great. My men and I spent 3 weeks prepping and painting it in the hot Florida weather. SMSgt Donald M. Bergin, Fabrication Section Super, 125th FW, DSN 641-7350.
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