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F-106's at Osan AB, Republic of Korea, 22 Mar 1968 - 1 May 1970 Due to tensions of the USS Pueblo incident.of 23 Jan 1968, and the shoot-down of an EC-121 Constellation by North Korea on 15 Apr 1969, F-106 Delta Darts had the distinction of flying across the Pacific ocean for deployments to Osan AB, South Korea where they sat on Alert Status and also flew shotgun for EC-121 Constellation flights. The first F-106's were deployed from the 318th FIS McChord AFB in late Feb 1968, officially arriving for deployment on 22 Mar 1968. During the flight over the Pacific they conducted in-flight refueling en-route to Korea, the first such refueling of the F-106. The 318th remained in Korea until Dec 1968, when the personnel were swapped out with personnel from the 48th FIS. The 48th did not bring aircraft or equipment, rather took over 318th assets. With growing tensions surrounding the USS Pueblo and EC-121 incidents, the 71st FIS was also deployed to Osan AB in Dec 1968 to assist the 48 FIS. This was all part of an on-going plan to swap F-106 assets as part of a Korean buildup stemming from those incidents. The 48th and 71st equipment and personnel remained at Osan AB until Jun 1969 when they were replaced by the 94th FIS and their F-106's. The 94th remained until relieved by the 95th FIS on 15 Nov 1969, the the last F-106 unit to serve in Korea. The 95th remained until May 1970.