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Aircraft assigned to the Air Force Flight Test Center (AFFTC) at Edwards AFB, CA, Air Force Systems Command at Holloman AFB, NM, and other test programs. Also, there was the 6520th Test Group, Electronic Research Division-ARDC (ESD) Hanscom Field. MA. F-106A 56-0451, the first 106 built, and it's sister 56-0452, the 2nd Six built, were initially Convair company birds. If you look close at these birds they don't have a Tail Hook, which was added many years later. As the F-106 was initially designated as the F-102B notice fuselage Buzz Numbers using 'FC" such as 'FC-451'. The first three F-106's (56-0453 being the third) all had 'FC' buzz numbers, 'FC' being the F-102 designator, while 'FE' later became the F-106 specific designator. The aircraft you see here with FC on the side indicates it was in fact an F-102B at the time of the photo, very early in flight testing and not yet production, also indicated by the orange test and eval paint color schemes.