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F-106A 59-0047 (& 57-2545)
St Louis, MO, Dan Bissell's Frame & Frame Co.
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UPDATE 15 Jun 2015: Found where she sits at Dan Bissell's 'Frame & Frame Co. on Google Maps UPDATE 21 Feb 2014: Email from Mark Nankivil states that 59-0047 now resides in his hometown of St. Louis, MO actually showing up back in July, 2013. It arrive disassembled and has not yet been reassembled. He has photos for me, so standby. Also, he reports the same owner of 59-0047 has also purchased El Paso Six QF-106B 57-2545 from the same Westernair Inc! 8 Nov 2013: Looks like 3 of the 4 Sixes in Westernair Inc.'s hands may have been Sold or Donated. Dick Durand at Westernair Inc.told one of of F-106 members one was to be donated to the city of El Paso as a display and two had been sold. Not sure yet of the tail numbers involved, but will post as soon as known. If this is correct news then there is still one left at Westernair Inc. More status to come... 13 Jan 2013: Westernair Inc. sent this to CEO, Castle Air Museum: We are accepting offers for either 1 or more airframes and/or the engine. The airframes and engine are located at the El Paso Intl airport where they may be inspected with prior notice. Let me know what your offer is and i will discuss it with the owner. He has no need for these airframes or the engine. Having said that please understand that this is not a fire sale but we are certainly willing to listen to all legitimate offers. Cheers, Dick Durand, Westernair Inc, 505-842-4444 (note: an offer of $20k per airframe was made and is being considered.) In Jun 2012 there was an eBay listing of 4 F-106's and 1 Engine for sale from this site, which included 59-0047. I do not believe they sold and of course the bidding has long since ended. In Apr 2009 there are some photos of it after restoration and before being painted courtesy of Kevin Reagan, as seen on Fence Check Forums In 2011 WESTERNAIR INC. Offered a package of 3 F-106 airframes, which included 59-0047, but did not sell them. So, not really sure what to say about 59-0047 other than it is still out there somewhere