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F-106A 59-0086
Pacific Coast Air Museum, Santa Rosa, CA

F-106A 59-0086 was put on final display at the Pacific Coast Air Museum in Santa Rosa in Oct 2004. It is painted in the 48th FIS colors. It's crew chief at the museum is one of our very own F-106 Alum and avid F-106 Forums contributor Jim Mattison. Some events in its history on the way to PCAM: - 16 Oct 2004: Air Force Chief of Staff General John P. Jumper signs a photograph during the F-106A Delta Dart dedication ceremony for his late father, Maj. Gen. Jimmy Jumper. - 26 Nov 2003: 59-0086 moved from AMARC arriving by truck from Tucson AZ at the PCAM. Photos taken F-106 pilot LtCol (ret) Bob Archibald. - 14 May 2004: Main landing gear installed and wings reattached. - 05 Nov 2003: Disassembled for the trip to the PCAM. - 20 Oct 2003: De-miled, removed from AMARC and at Terry Shelton's Aircraft Restoration facility for disassembly and movement to Santa Rosa. - 08 Mar 2003: Bill Canavan of PCAM confirms 59-0086 going on display there later in the year 2003. Aircraft is still at AMARC awaiting de-mil and shipment. Special thanks to the Florida ANG for saving the main landing gear from 590105 for it.