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F-106B 57-2513 Painted as NASA B-1B Chase Plane
Yanks Air Museum, Chino, CA
57-2513 was parked on AMARC's Celebrity Row at DM up until 9 Oct 2003, when it was moved in preparation for movement to the Yanks Air Museum in Chino, CA According to Wings of Fame, Vol 12, pages 81 & 97, 57-2513 was 1 of 8 aircraft (text under photo says seven) involved in the B-1 Chase Program. One of the attached photos shows the Otis "Cape Cod" writing on the drop tanks. In 1979, 57-2513 was the Kelly AFB test B Model and Kelly AFB F-106A  59-0061 was also a test aircraft (RD&T).  57-2513 was the first B-1 Chase Plane, starting the program at Palmdale on 10 October 1986. Aircraft 59-0061 was the last F-106 involved with the chase program and went to the boneyard on 06 July, 1990, and was subsequently shot down as a QF-106 (AD-156)) by an AIM-9M Missile at Tyndall on 03 Sept 93. Chase Plane Markings: Since New Jersey was the last F-106 outfit, major inspections were sent to them.