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F-106A 59-0043 Painted as 59-0005
Dakota Territory Air Museum (DTAM), Minot, ND. (DTAM on Facebook)

F-106A 59-0043, QF-106A AD227, "The Spirt of Atlantic City", known to some as "HomeBoy", ended her flying career with 6,703 flying hrs and sat in the AMARG (AMARC) boneyard at Davis Monthan AFB, AZ until recently. 59-0043 arrived at AMARC on 4 Mar 1998 and is only 1 of 2 remaining F-106's left in the boneyard, F-106A 59-0130 being the other. All other F-106's have either been destroyed via the "Pacer Six QF-106 Drone" program or put on static display at museums. Dedication ceremony scheduled for May 06, 2016 1 May 2015 Painted, starting on the detail work. Tail flash should be next week.19 Apr 2015 Aircraft will be painted as 59-0005 5th FIS colors. 26 Feb 2015 Michael Hill sent me a DVD with tons of restoration photos. Thanks Mike, keep'm coming. 10 Dec 2014 Michael Hill: We now have the control surfaces back on the wings (what a job). The tail now has the tip back on. (fancy rivet job almost twenty feet in the air). Also drop tanks are on and both weapons bay doors are open. The years in the desert didn't do her any good as we have several corrosion issues to deal with. She is safe and snug in our nice warm hanger, away from the Minot winter weather. 20 Oct 2014 Wings put on today! First step of the long winter process. The DTAM staff would like to thank all of our generous volunteers for helping out today! 15 Oct 2014 Volunteers unload the wings from the first truck of parts. VIDEO by Eloise Ogden/MDN 13 Oct 2014 590043 is on its way to DTAM, Minot, ND via Les Chapman Transport transportation company of Blossom, Texas! First truck is carrying the fuel drop tanks, afterburner and wings and will arrive this evening of 13 Oct. Another truck carrying the fuselage will arrive on-site tomorrow 14 Oct. [via Darrel Kerzmann]. 10 Sep 2014 Being dismantled by a Tuscan based company and the DTAM (Facebook page) expects delivery by the end of Sep 2014. They will sand, wash and apply 5 FIS markings to represent the F-106 aircraft once assigned to Minot to accompany the T-33 and an F-15 already on display. 24 Apr 2014 The de-mil is complete! Once the paperwork is complete the aircraft will be moved to an access gate in AMARG so the aircraft moving company can take possession and transport it. The DTAM expects delivery towards the end of May. 7 Mar 2014 The engine has been pulled! The AMARG guys have started on the remaining demil process. 4 Mar 2014 59-0043 is still at AMARG waiting equipment to pull the engine. The priority continues to slip although the project manager seems to be doing all he can to expedite the de mil project. Long pole problem is the engine removal mounts. They are in need of PNs, technical orders, etc to help with engine removal mounts. Well, as of 25 Oct 2013 59-0043 is being prepped for shipment to the Dakota Territory Air Museum (DTAM), Minot ND (not Minot AFB), finally off AMARG's Celebrity Row and as of today in a flow-thru shelter as part of the de-mil and de-haz process. Thanks to Darrel Kerzmann and Glenn Blackaby, DTAM Curator, for the new information. While in AMARG 59-0043 wore AMARG PCN number AAFN0207 in its QF-106 Drone colors and unique, historically known graphics and writings on her nose. MASDC and AMARC Database Link / Aircraft History / Lineage Link