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F-106B 59-0164 Cockpit Restoration Display
Timmerman Airport, Milwaukee, WI
(Previously at Southern Utah Air Museum, Washington UT)
Being built as Mobile/Transportable Cockpit Museum display where it will have the doors cycle (slowly/safely), the rails cycle, the IR head cycle, the front gear cycle and the canopy.
October 22, 2016 by Mike Kiedrowski (lugnuts55): One of our team members Frank Borchart is coming down from Rochester, MN. Frank is making things to fill in the empty spaces, primarily in the cockpit. He has a talent for making the faces of the instruments and he makes a little box to fit into the opening. It looks like the real thing. He made a scope for the front cockpit that looks real but he made the body of it from PVC pipe and put lightweight wood sticks around it. He made the face plate and I swear it looks like the real thing! He is also working on making an AIM-4 to hang on the rack. He was a weapons guy on active duty. I will take my camera and try to get some new shots for the web site here. It is always good to get together with Dave and Frank. I'll post more after we meet. As of 14 Nov 2014 It still sits on a flatbed at the Timmerman Airport with things just a bit slower than hoped. Two F-106 Delta Dart forum members (Lindel and Lugnuts55) live nearby and are assisting in the restoration project with Dave Peltz, who's organization is making it a mobile/transportable museum display. The goal is for Door Cycling slowly/safely, Rails Cycling, IR Head cycle, Front Gear cycle and Canopy cycle. To assist with this project contact Dave Peltz On 21 Jan 2004, the nose section was donated out of the DM AMARC to the Southern Utah Air Museum, Washington UT, for cockpit restoration/display. On 03 Nov 2006 the Cockpit was sold and went to Tucson AZ where it sat until 7 Feb 2012 where it was sold again, this time on Ebay, to Dave Peltz's group who will move from Tucson AZ to Milwaukee WI for restoration. On 15 Mar 2012 59-0164 successfully moved to the Timmerman airport in Milwaukee WI. Click for Forums Page Link Lindel's photo gallery link