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456th FIS Micro-mimi reunion Sunday May 27, 2012 at the CAM. Here are reports from some attendees. A special Thanks to Jim Gier aka "Old Sarge" and Lavern "Bear" Bruhn for donating their handmade items for raffle to help earn money for CAM's acquisition of a F-94 Starfire fighter. Bear is in the hospital for replacement of a heart valve and needs all our prayers! -- Pat Perry From Dean Rager - CINC 456th Reunions: Hi Guys, We had our micro-mini reunion, Sun., May 27th. at CAM. Mike Woloszyn, Al Mueller & I set up with pop ups, chairs, water & soft drinks across from the 106, like we did last year. The weather was mild, not too hot or windy, this year. Our gathering was small, but rewarding. Dean Robledo had the 'Six' standing tall, and, of course did an excellent job of presenting it to the public. A special "thanks', Dean. We had the pleasure of a visit from Cristo Pulos and his son, Chris. They drove up from SoCal. Cristo was a maint. officer in early 60's, with the 456th. Al remembers him well. Cristo went on to get his Electrical Eng. degree, after his military service. He then was on the design team for the F15. He designed the electronics from the radome back to the instrument panel. Both dad and son were very interesting to visit with, and enjoyed checking out the F15 on display at CAM (with Ralph Robledo crewing). Chris says he will bring his dad to any future reunions he wishes to attend. Cristo is a soft spoken gentlemen, with a wealth of memories and experiences to share. We certainly look forward to seeing both at future events. B.A. Hansen showed up looking fit and trim in his flight suit and shared many of his memories form the 456th, and the F-106 and T-33 aircrafts. Bob Rains came by for a few hours.We had a good time visiting with him. I asked him if he remembered me. He said, "no". I said "that's good". Lou Pizzarello, with Barrie Wolf came out from Virginia. We were all entertained with Lou's many stories (Barrie indicated some may be true). I think Lou would be a great MC at future gatherings. Lou won the raffle for the Jim Gier clock. He very graciously donated it back to CAM, to sell. Class act, Lou! A few guys, who confirmed, didn't make it. We hope there weren't any serious problems. Dinner was at DiCicco's Italian Restaurant, in Merced, again, as last year. We had 24 in attendance. Half of our group were Al & Jacqueline Mueller's visiting kids and grandkids. It was great to have them with us. Or were we with them? You have a fine family, Al. I'm sure you are very proud of them, as well you should be. Thanks for sharing them with us. We were disappointed that John and Ginny Marcotte weren't with us. I know John had been having some stomach problems. We hope there's nothing serious, there. Unfortunately, none of the CAM people were able to make it. The food, and service were good, again. We had requested the small banquet room. They allowed us to have the same, larger room, as last year. Still, I'm thinking maybe steaks next time? I apologize for not taking more pics . Especially at the dinner. I slipped up in not taking couples pics. All, in all, we had a very good gathering. Each reunion seems to present some one new and interesting. This year, Cristo Pulos was that man, indeed. We hope to see he and Chris next time. Pat and Bruce were greatly missed. We are thankful that Bruce is recovering well from his recent heart attack. We are confident that 'Nurse Nancy' is keeping him in line, and we'll see them at our next reunion, wherever that will be. Personally, I hope to see a major reunion, next year, somewhere. If not, I suggest we give the mini at CAM a rest. Thanks for the help, Al and Mike. Pics will follow when we figure out how to do it. Yea, I'm technically challenged. Later, and may God bless! -- Dean From Joe Pruzzo - CEO Castle Air Museum: Hi Pat, OCD turned out to be a record for attendance (over 6000 people) and gross revenue of just at $50.000 for the day! Not bad! The clock and the chest brought in about $380, thanks in part to Lou Pizzarello who won the clock and donated it back to the museum to sell to assist us in raising funds for the F-94 project. The $380 was sent to the folks at Warner Robins to build the cradles to ship it over road to Castle. I cannot thank you, Pat and the entire 456th Alumni for your untiring support of the museum! If it were not for all of you we would not have many of the wonderful aircraft that have been brought to the museum from the F-106 on. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! Please pass this on to the entire alumni. I have to check on the Ball Caps and F-106 Keychains to see how many we sold. Talk to you soon Pat. -- Joe From Lou Pizzarello - MA-1 and Wine Expert: Hi Pat and Judy, Open cockpit day was a big success (i.e. over 6K attended). Weather was great, cool in AM until around 1, then it warmed up a bit; overall a fair and cool day, light breeze. Had dinner at DiCicco's, about 20 people (over half were Al's family). I won the clock raffle and donated the clock to the museum. Hope it brings a big donation. A few folks asked if there are any plans for another reunion at DC. Al mentioned Florida possibility. And I understand that Gerald "Beetle" Bailey recommended Chanute, AFB. After Merced event we travelled to Sonoma, stayed at a B&B in Sonoma Springs; nice place. Visited Carnerous and St. Francis wineries, drank/bought too much wine. Dean Robledo sends regards. Didn't get a chance to see Ralph Robledo. Joe Pruzzo got a good sunburn and says he has plans for another addition to aircraft collection. Apparently things are going well. Sounds like there is plans to build new building at CAM. Pat, I almost forgot to add info re. Dean Robledo's "OUTSTANDING" efforts in preparing the 456th 106 for Open Cockpit Day. He had washed the aircraft down two days prior to the event and all looked well. However, on Friday, the day before, there was an ill North wind laden with dust from adjacent field being plowed. The dust completely covered the aircraft and had to be washed down again. The presentation for the event was "first class" and the aircraft looked as it did on the day of dedication back in 2003. Clearly, Dean is dedicated to achieving "outstanding military bearing" with all of his efforts as CAM Crew Chief. He represented us all very well! Also, there were several folks that asked about you and Bruce. I was tempted to inform that yall were basking in the sun on some deserted isle in yet to be determined location. Clearly, no one went for the witness protection story I used. Regards, -- Lou Pat Perry again: Clearly, 456ers are itch'in to have our 11th reunion to be held in another city for 2013. Ted LeDane has recommended Florida, Beetle Bailey recommended Chanute and Bruce Gookin has still got the hots to go back to DC to see the rest of the attractions he missed last time. We'll have to see what the Alumni Committee can come up with. Later, -- Your 456th Alumni Committee: Bruce Gookin, Jim "Arnie" Arnold, John Marcotte, Al Mueller, Dean Rager, Paul Ketchum, Lou Pizzarello, Jim Gier, Pat Perry, and In Memorium: Bob Justus, Erv Smalley