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F-106A 56-0459
McChord Air Museum, McChord AFB, WA
Aircraft 56-0459 has had 2 different display locations at McChord AFB. The first was on "Overlook Hill" and now at the McChord Air Museum's Heritage Hill. 56-0459 was the 2nd aircraft to join the Museum on November 1 1983. It's current Crew Chief at the museum is Ernest White. It's trip to get to McChord was as follows: - 03 SEP 1983: Final flight with 318th FIS, McChord AFB, WA ending with 5875.9 airframe hours. (Air Defense/TAC) - 06 OCT 1983: Inactive status, McChord AFB, WA - 01 NOV 1983: Loaned to McChord Air Museum, McChord AFB, WA for display. - 05 JUL 1989: To 25th Air Division, McChord AFB, WA for display (USAF Museum Program) - 01 MAY 1991: To McChord Air Museum, McChord AFB, WA for display. (USAF Museum Program) F-106 Aircrew Training Device (ATD):The McChord Air Museum also has a flight simulator officially known as an Aircrew Training Device (ATD), but best know as a Flt Sim. Built in the late 50’s, the McChord Museums ATD was one of the last of four ATD’s to serve in the active Air Force. In April of 1987 this simulator was declared surplus and later stored at Griffiss AFB, location of the last Active Air Force F-106 squadron. In August of that year the cockpit section and ATD Technician’s Control Console arrived at McChord. Unfortunately, the Control Console was missing a the large amount of parts and the Museum was later forced to dispose of that particular part of the trainer. After four years in storage at McChord, the cockpit section was placed on display at the in 1991. In December of 2001 the device was restored and repainted to represent the Museums F-106 (s/n 56-0459) during it’s 1959 speed record attempt in "Project Firewall" with Col Joe Rogers at the controls.