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  • admin - Wednesday 28 December 2016 18:00
    Thanks Darrell
  • admin - Wednesday 28 December 2016 02:10
    Thanks Darrell that great info
  • dlanderson51 - Tuesday 27 December 2016 20:47
    59-0069 only bore this paint job for a short period of time in honor of our Chief of Maintenance who had once been the enlisted crew chief of 57-2463 (aircraft "07"). In fact, when this picture was taken, the left side was painted with 57-2492! When repainted for display, the "Big Sky Country" and "Montana" script was also changed to a more authentic font. Notice that the main and nose gear doors have not yet been installed.
    D. Anderson
    Assistant crew chief of 57-2492
  • dlanderson51 - Tuesday 27 December 2016 20:29
    This photo is actually of 59-0069 ready to be put on display in the colors of 57-2492 at Great Falls, MT. Notice that the main and nose landing gear doors are not yet installed.
  • 48th_Tom - Monday 19 December 2016 07:50
    SSgt Tom Luck performs WSEM calibration. He re-enlisted in F-106B 59-0158 about this time and soon thereafter was reassigned to Zweibrucken AB Germany with the 386th Munitions Maintenance Squadron.
  • 48th_Tom - Sunday 18 December 2016 14:34
    I re-enlisted in this bird around the time of this photo in 1970. She is now restored and parked in the "Century Circle" at the South gate of Edwards AFB California but not in 48th FIS tail markings.
  • admin - Saturday 8 October 2016 02:54
    Sorry Jim, only the gallery admin is allowed to make corrections to photo narratives. Those corrections will be based on the comments, as this has been.
  • jim2 - Friday 7 October 2016 21:18
    One star because I tried posting correction before- not successful
    the Old Sarge
  • jim2 - Saturday 3 September 2016 11:39
    Correction photo was taken at Griffiss, as identified by the control tower located on the corner of the hangar used by the 4713 Radar Eval Squadron and base ops behind and below the flag. Jim Gier 27th FIS 15 Jun '56= 31 Dec '63
  • buckleylaw - Wednesday 20 April 2016 17:08
    I had mine made at Clark while on a USAFR tour in 1988 (for 60466, with my name on it). John Buckley