171st Fighter Interceptor Squadron

191 FIG 'Six Pack'

Wing / Group: 191st Fighter Interceptor Group
Air Division: Michigan Air National Guard
Location(s): Selfridge Field ANG, MI
Dates Active: 29 Dec 1972 - 11 Aug 1978
Alert Det's: n/a
No. of Aircraft: 23
No. of Loses: 0

The 171st FIS / 191st FIG "Six Pack" at Selfridge Field became an Aerospace Defense Command (ADCOM) Fighter Interceptor Squadron in 1973 just after receiving its first F-106A (58-0767) on 29 Dec 1972. It performed air defense duties of the Great Lakes and Detroit area until 1978 when ADCOM was merged into Tactical Air Command. The squadrons initial batch of 18 aircraft came from the 2nd FIS and consisted of 16 F-106A's and two F-106B's.

The squadron operated the Delta Dart for fewer than 6 years replacing them with the F-4C Phantoms in 1978 when ADCOM became ADTAC. The last aircraft to depart was F-106B 59-0150 on 11 Aug 1978 and officially transferred to the 84th FIS on 16 Aug 1978.

1st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (1 CAMS) was activated at Selfrdge 16 Jan 1967, Selfridge AFB, MI 1st Fighter Group (AD). On 16 Jan 1967 the 1st Communications & Electronics Maintenance Squadron, the 1st Field Maintenance Squadron, the 1st Organizational Maintenance Squadron, and the 1st Munitions Maintenance Squadron were inactivated and their functions assigned to the newly-activated 1st Consolidated Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. 1st CAMS supported the 71st, 171st and 94th FIS's.