48th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

48 FIS 'Tazlanglian Devils'

Deployed to Osan AB Korea
Wing / Group:
Air Division: 20th Air Division
33rd Air Division
Location(s): Langley AFB, VA
Dates Active: 15 Sep 1960 - Mar 1982
Alert Det's:
No. of Aircraft: 49
No. of Loses: 7

The 48th FIS was activated at Dow Field in November 1946 with P-47s. In October 1947 a transition into P-84Bs was completed. These were flown until the unit was temporarily deactivated on 2 October 1949. The 48th FIS was reactivated in November 1952 at Grenier AFB in Manchester NH with F-47s, replacing the New Hampshire ANG's 133d FIS. A relocation to Langley AFB was completed in early 1953 along with a transition into F-84Gs and then F-94Cs in the fall of 1953. In the summer of 1957 the squadron completed a transition into F-102As followed by another in the fall of 1960 to F-106As. The 48th FIS flew F-15s from 1982 to 1991, where many of the F-15 were transferred to the Missouri ANG, the Hawaii ANG, and 3 or 4 going to the Boneyard. The squadron is now the 48th Flying Training Squadron flying T-1A Jayhawks out of Columbus AFB Mississippi.

Flight Markings

The colored stripes painted on the intake splitter plates (front part of the intake forward of the vari ramp) were Flight Markings to signify which flight an aircraft of the unit belonged to such as 'A' Flight, 'B' Flight, 'C' Flight. In the latter day of the 48 FIS A Flight was Light Blue, B Flight was Red, and C Flight was unbanded (no color). Even later year markings for the 48th had all intake splitter plates painted blue, while the Flight Markings shifted to the pitot tubes with A Flight Blue, B Flight White and C Flight now being the T-33's.

Osan AB, Republic of Korea, Dec 1968-Jun 1969

The 48th FIS deployed for this mission arriving in Korea in Dec 1968, relieving the 318th FIS 'personnel' currently there, and remained until Jun 1969.

The 48th, minus planes and equipment, relieved the 318th serving a 180 day tour plus an extension. The 318th aircraft remained and the 48th aircraft back home flew to the 318th at McChord AFB while the 48th members were deployed. 48th FIS pilots flew the 318th jets back to McChord from Korea in Jun 1969 when the 48th departed Korea and picked up their own 48th jets and returned to Langley. [Gary Chaney SMSgt (Ret)]

Due to tensions of the USS Pueblo incident of 23 Jan 1968, and the shoot-down of an EC-121 Constellation on 15 Apr 1969 by North Korea, several F-106 Delta Dart FIS units had the distinction of flying across the Pacific ocean for deployments to Osan AB, South Korea as part of the Korean buildup stemming from those two incidents. These Sixes flew air defence over the country and shotgun for EC-121 Constellation's still flying.

The first F-106's were deployed from the 318th FIS McChord AFB in Feb 1968, officially arriving for deployment on 22 Mar 1968. During the flight they conducted the first in-flight refueling of an F-106 as they were en-route to Korea. The 318th remained until Dec 1968, when the personnel were swapped out with personnel from the 48th FIS, Langley VA, but the 318th aircraft remained. The 48th did not bring aircraft or equipment, rather took over 318th assets. Joining the 48th FIS was the 71st FIS out of Malmstrom AFB MT, arriving in Dec 1968, to assist the 48th FIS who remained. The 71st FIS brought their Sixes making this a joint 2-unit effort all part of the on-going plan to swap F-106 assets as part of the Korean buildup. The 48th with their 318th aircraft, and the 71st equipment, personnel and their aircraft remained at Osan AB until Jun 1969 when they were replaced by the 94th FIS and their F-106's. The 94th remained until being relieved by the 95th FIS and their aircraft on 15 Nov 1969. The 95th was the last F-106 unit to serve in Korea, remaining until May 1970.