83rd Fighter Interceptor Squadron

83 FIS 'Horses Aces'

Wing / Group:
Air Division: 21st Air Division
Location(s): Loring AFB, ME
Dates Active: 01 Ju 1971 - 30 Jun 1972
Alert Det's:
No. of Aircraft: 20
No. of Loses: 0

The 83rd FIS was transferred from USAFE to ADC in June 1947 at Mitchell Field. Prior to being equipped it was transferred to Hamilton AFS where it received F-51Ds and F-84Bs.  In the fall of 1950 it received F-84Ds and in August 1951 it transitioned into F-89Bs.  In July 1952 the squadron moved to Paine Field and received F-86Ds.  In August 1955 the 83rd FIS designation was transferred to Hamilton AFB to another F-86D squadron.

In December 1957 the 83rd FIS received F-l04As to become the first operational 104 squadron in ADC.  In July 1960 the F-104 replaced by F-l01Bs and on 1 July 1963 the squadron was inactivated.  It was reactivated at Loring AFB in July 1971 replacing the 27th FIS with F-106As.

The 83rd FIS was deactivated in June 1972.