437th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

437 FIS 'Fighting 437th'

Wing / Group:
Air Division: 26 Air Division
Location(s): Oxnard AFB, CA
Dates Active: Jul 1968 - Sep 1968 (2 months)
Alert Det's:
No. of Aircraft: 21
No. of Loses: 0

The 437th FIS was activated at Otis AFB in November 1952 with F-94Cs. It was the first operational F-94C unit. In August 1955 the unit designation was transferred to Oxnard AFB and in March 1956 it transitioned into F-89Ds. The squadron received F-89Hs in July 1956 and F-89Js in March 1958. In January 1960 the squadron transitioned into F-101Bs. It was deactivated on 29 April 1968.  In July 1968 the 456th FIS moved from Castle AFB to Oxnard AFB with F-106As and was redesignated the 437th FIS, only to be deactivated on 30 September 1968 and be re-designated the 460th FIS.

The 437th FIS operated the F-106 for only 2 months, making it the "shortest-lived" F-106 unit.

Because of its short lived life there seems to be no documentation that shows the 437th ever had its own distinctive tail flash markingsThe tail colors seen on the 437 FIS sixes were carried over from the 456th FIS, which also became the first markings of the 460th FIS.