159th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

125 FIG 'Fang'

Wing / Group: 125th Fighter Interceptor Group
Air Division: Florida Air National Guard
Location(s): Jacksonville, FL
Dates Active: 29 May 1974 - 23 Mar 1987
Alert Det's:
No. of Aircraft: 25
No. of Loses: 3

In 1974, the 125th Fighter Interceptor Group converted from the F-102 Delta Dagger to the F-106 Delta Dart and formally integrated into the 125 FIG weapons inventory, alert status at Jacksonville International Airport.

The 159th Fighter Interceptor Squadron flew the F-106 Delta Dart for 12 years, but by the end of 1986, the US Air Force began to phase out the F-106, converting Regular Air Force units flying the Delta Dart to the F-15 Eagle and most Air National Guard F-106 units to the F-4 Phantom II.