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Article Erv Smalley worked on for the INTERCEPTOR magazine, July 1976 issue, concerning F-106 Lightning Protection that Mr. Andy Plumer (the F-106 Lightning Device design engineer) wrote for HQ/ADCOM/LGMW's contribution to the "Bolts From The Blue" portion of the magazine. Erv was fortunate enough to travel with Mr. Plumer on two different occasions. Once when they met at Griffiss AFB, NY, to proof the kit for TCTO IF-106-1130 on a 49th FIS F-106 and second when they met at Sacramento ALC and drove down to the 84th FIS at Castle AFB to check out a lightning modified bird that had been hit and to interview the pilot, Major Tom McGuire. Turned out that the mod worked just fine but the suppressor device had swollen up from the strike that Mr. Plumer estimated at around 500,000 amperes, more than twice the design limitation, but it did the job and was still functioning - even though it had to be replaced after examination. As a side note, Erv met Major McGuire again about a year later when his F-106 took a lightning hit when landing at Peterson AFB and he ask me to come out to the bird to check it over. The bird was fine and the device again did its job.