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In memory of Erville 'Erv' G. Smalley, SMSgt, USAF Ret. for years of dedicated historical research with Marty Isham.

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A Model
56-0451 R S
56-0452 R
56-0453 R #
56-0454 R # S
56-0455 R
56-0456 R #
56-0457 R #
56-0458 R #
56-0459 R # S
56-0460 R # S
56-0461 R # S
56-0462 R #
56-0463 R #
56-0464 R #
56-0465 R #
56-0466 R #
56-0467 R #
A Model
57-0229 R
57-0230 R # S
57-0231 R #
57-0232 R #
57-0233 R #
57-0234 R #
57-0235 R #
57-0236 R #
57-0237 R #
57-0238 R #
57-0239 R
57-0240 R #
57-0241 R #
57-0242 R
57-0243 R #
57-0244 R #
57-0245 R #
57-0246 R T
57-2453 R T
57-2454 R T
57-2455 R T
57-2456 R T
57-2457 R T
57-2458 R T
57-2459 R T
57-2460 R T
57-2461 R T
57-2462 R T
57-2463 R T
57-2464 R T
57-2465 V
57-2466 R T
57-2467 R T
57-2468 R T
57-2469 R T
57-2470 R T

57-2471 R T
57-2472 R T
57-2473 R T
57-2474 R T
57-2475 R T
57-2476 R T
57-2477 R T
57-2478 R T
57-2479 R T
57-2480 R T
57-2481 R T
57-2482 R T
57-2483 R T
57-2484 R T
57-2485 R T
57-2486 R T
57-2487 R T
57-2488 R T
57-2489 R T
57-2490 R T
57-2491 R T
57-2492 R T
57-2493 R T
57-2494 R T
57-2495 R T
57-2496 R T
57-2497 R T
57-2498 R T
57-2499 R T
57-2500 R T
57-2501 R T
57-2502 R T
57-2503 R T
57-2504 R T
57-2505 R T
57-2506 R T

Lineage Archive Pages

MOD LEGEND (Tail no. list above)
S = Surviving Airframe, most are museum displays

T = Tactical Round Eye aircraft

V = Lead production vertical: 1 A and 1 B Model

@ = Beginning with 1957 S/N tactical vertical instrument ACFT and all 1958 and 1959 S/Ns.

R = Aircraft originally manufactured with conventional round instruments, known as "Round Eyes". All above seventeen 1956 "A" models were originally committed as TEST or BAILMENT aircraft.

# = Aircraft upgraded from "TEST-TO-TACTICAL" with vertical instruments in 1961 by returning to Convair for rework. The fuselage was actually cut in half at station 412 (Aft bulkhead in the missile bay) and a new fuselage, cockpit section, and nose section was installed with the latest production avionics, the same as the last F-106A 590148 and F-106B 590165. A total of 35 aircraft (28 "A" models and 7 "B" models) were converted from Test-To-Tactical and reassigned to various ADC units.
56-0451/0467 Convair F-106A Delta Dart
57-0229/0246 Convair F-106A-CO Delta Dart
57-2453/2455 Convair F-106A-64-CO Delta Dart
57-2456/2460 Convair F-106A-70-CO Delta Dart
57-2461/2465 Convair F-106A-75-CO Delta Dart
57-2466/2477 Convair F-106A-80-CO Delta Dart
57-2478/2485 Convair F-106A-85-CO Delta Dart
57-2486/2506 Convair F-106A-90-CO Delta Dart
58-0759/0771 Convair F-106A-95-CO Delta Dart
58-0772/0798 Convair F-106A-100-CO Delta Dart
58-0799/0899 F-106A Cancelled Contract
59-0001/0030 Convair F-106A-105-CO Delta Dart
59-0031/0059 Convair F-106A-110-CO Delta Dart
59-0060/0086 Convair F-106A-120-CO Delta Dart
59-0087/0111 Convair F-106A-125-CO Delta Dart
59-0112/0135 Convair F-106A-130-CO Delta Dart
59-0136/0148 Convair F-106A-135-CO Delta Dart
59-0166/0204 F-106A Cancelled Contract
test-to-tac mods
Last Surviving Six's "Swamp Things" The Final Chapter of the QF-106 Drones By CMSgt (Ret) Dick Lewis

There were also a few non-flying airframes left on the Tyndall ramp at the end of the 'Pacer Six' Program (7 aircraft), as well, and originally they were parked in that part of the Tyndall AFB ramp known as the 'Swamp', although in unflyable condition.

Purchase of these remaining airframes was subsequently negotiated by a private aviation enterprise based in Texas (David Tokoff's GRECO-AIR in El Paso) and a tentative deal was struck with DRMS to sell the aircraft for purposes of restoring them as non-flying, museum-display grade aircraft.  One of these aircraft was reportedly ear-marked for restoration as a fully operational flying specimen, although it appears that perhaps two of them may have been fully restored at this time for flight (including a two-seat B model); however, due to the fact that stringent 'de-mil' requirements for combat aircraft require cutting the airframe structural members to render them incapable of further flight applications, this stalled the whole purchase package for some time.

In Mar 2004 the non-flying survivors had all been trucked from the Tyndall ramp and shipped to GRECO-AIR's El Paso base of operations, where most of them awaited restoration. Since then, and as recent as Nov 2013, the "El Paso Birds" as most refer to them now are in the private hands of WESTERNAIR Inc. and are in the process of being sold.

MORE about the El Paso Birds in the Photo Gallery

More on the "Swamp Things" By CMSgt (Ret) Dick Lewis

In the spring of 1998, the last of the flyable QF-106's departed Tyndall AFB for their final destinations. Aircraft 59-0158, 59-0043 and 58-0774 flew to the boneyard at Davis-Monthan AFB, while 59-0023 flew to the museum at Dover AFB.  Left behind, were seven QF-106's, not in flyable condition, and relegated to the backline storage area known as "The Swamp."

In early 1999, an unnamed party contracted to remove the Swamper's and truck them to El Paso, TX, purportedly for air-museum displays. After three aircraft were prepared for transportation, work was halted due to a contract dispute. The aircraft were secured from wind and weather damage, the tools and equipment were put in storage and the work crew disbanded. Here's the list of those seven:

Tail #
57-2509 (B)
57-2517 (B)
57-2543 (B)
57-2545 (B)
58-0786 (A)
59-0047 (A)
59-0105 (A)
Last Unit
159th FIS
186th FIS
5th FIS
159th FIS
119th FIS
5th FIS
Ground Fire Damage
Crash Damage
Nose Gear Damage
Cracked Intake Duct
Cracked Wing Spar
Cracked Wing Spar
Cracked Wing Spar