Development Flight Test Program

Edwards AFB, CA

By Loyd Miller
Convair Engineer

On 06 July 2011, I received an e-mail from a Convair Engineer that worked the F-106 Flight Development Program at Edwards AFB CA from the start of the program in the late 1950s. He offered photos and stories of some of his experiences with the F-106 Program and they are shared below.  Click on his Stories below for some extremely interesting historical information.

F-106A 56-0459 cockpit in test configuration and prior to Test-To-Tac conversion.

F-106A 56-0459 right cockpit console panel.

F-106A 56-0459 left cockpit console panel.

Lloyd's notes of 56-0467's speed run

Lloyd's notes on some vari-ramp anomolties. See story 05 for more details.

Lloyd Miller (plaid shirt) looking at a mechanical throttle rate damper.  See story #2, para 02, for more details.

This production aircraft F-106A 57-2502
was eventually destroyed as part of the Aircraft Structural Integrity Program (ASIP).  See story 03, para. 3 & 4, for more details.

F-106B 57-2507 with the crew. Lloyd is on the back row, 3rd from the right.  See story # 03, para 1 & 2, for more details.

Some of Lloyd's patches.  See story 8 & 9.

Loyd Miller's Stories
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Scan of Joe Roger's official World Speed Run Record certificate for aircraft F-106A 56-0467.

Copy of a certificare for Joe Rogers, pilot of the world record speed run.

An article provided by Lloyd.  See story 07 for more details.