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F-106 at End of Runway and on Takeoff in Afterburner

Lt Foust's Cornfield Bomber story of the incident during 2013 F-106 Reunion at WPAFB

Distant Early Warning, SAGE and the F-106 Delta Dart - F-106 Starts at 01:42:34 - May 13, 2017, Guest: Richard Embry Host: Markus Voelter (3:57:52)

BobSki and Bear discuss Radiation Prank

B-Seat Ejection Successes

27th FIS Loring AFB, Secret Bear Intercept

Cuban Missile Crisis Story

Crash Landing After Safety Award

Cooling Turbine Problem

Joe Rogers and Other Pilot Stories

Homestead Wingman Ejected 400K

Emergency Landing Nut Blocking Stick

Enlisted To Pilot Greyhound Bus

106 First Woman

Drop Tank Lost Over Miami

Cuban Missile Crisis Story

Supersonic Seat No-Fire

Remembering Fellow Airmen

Lost Drop Tank Over Bomarc Site

Korea Scramble Over EC-121 Shootdown

MA-1 Test With Live Missiles On Board

MA-1 Arm Bay Door Damage