Technical Orders, Manuals, Checklists

T.O.'s, Manuals and Air Force Guides

USAF Technical Manuals
T.O. 00-5-1, AF TECHNICAL ORDER SYSTEM (2011) 1MB .pdf
T.O. 1-1-4, Exterior, Finishes, Insignia and Markings (1964) 48MB .pdf
T.O. 1-1-4, Exterior, Finishes, Insignia and Markings (1994, rev.1998) 3MB .pdf

F-106 Technical Orders, Manuals and Checklists
1F-106A-1, Flight Manual, 1 Nov 1980, Change 2, 30 Apr 1985 45MB .pdf
1F-106A-1-1, Flight Manual (1972, rev.original) 47MB .pdf
1F-106A-1CL-1, Flight Crew Checklist, Pilots Abbreviated (1974, Change 1978) 8MB .pdf
1F-106A-2-1, Technical Manual General Airplane (1961, rev.Nov1961) 9MB .pdf
1F-106A-2-2, Technical Manual Ground Handling, Servicing, Airframe Group Maintenance (1960, changed 31 August) 36MB .pdf
1F-106A-3, Technical Manual Structural Repair (Partial document) 13MB .pdf
1F-106A-4, Illustrated Parts Breakdown: F-106A Standard Aircraft Characteristics 1964 (UNLCASS) 5MB .pdf
F-106A Standard Aircraft Characteristics 1961 (Declassified UNCLASS) 7MB .pdf

F-106 Commercial Documents
F-106A/B 1/72 Scale Drawing and Dimensional Data Sheets 0.3MB .pdf
F-106A/B Technical Data Technical and Performance Data (Courtesy of USAF) 0.3MB .pdf
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T.O. 1F-106A-01 List of Applicable Publications
T.O. 1F-106A-23 List of Manuals for F106A/B Aircraft
T.O. 1F-106A-2-3, Technical Manual Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power Systems
T.O. 1F-106A-2-4, Technical Manual Flight Control System
T.O. 1F-106A-2-6, Technical Manual Air-condtioning, Anti-icing and Oxygen Systems
T.O. 1F-106B-543, Technical Manual Ejection Seat Weber