456th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

456 FIS 'Luther'

Wing / Group:
Air Division: 26 Air Division
Location(s): Castle AFB, Atwater CA
Dates Active: 6 Sep 1959 - 09 July 1968
Alert Det's:
No. of Aircraft: 67
No. of Loses: 2

The 456th FIS was activated at George AFB, CA in August 1954 with F-86D's.  In August 1955 the unit was deactivated only to be reactivated again at Castle AFB in October 1955 with F-86Ds. In the fall of 1957 the unit transitioned into F-86Ls and in June 1958 into F-102As.  In September 1959 it received F-106A's.  The squadron along with its distinctive tail flash color markings moved to Oxnard AFB on 18 July 1968 and was re-designated the 437th FIS.

Visit the 456th FIS website at for a complete history of the unit and it's aircraft.