11th Fighter Interceptor Squadron

11 FIS 'Red Bulls'

Wing / Group: 343rd Fighter Group
Air Division: 23 AD
Location(s): Duluth IAP, MN
Dates Active: 23 Jun 1960 - 30 Sep 1968
Alert Det's: Volk Field, WI
No. of Aircraft: 33
No. of Loses: 3

The 11th Pursuit Squadron demobilized during the summer of 1945; inactivating on Shymea in the Aleutians in 1946. The unit was reactivated in December 1952 at Duluth IAP as the 11th Fighter Interceptor Squadron, replacing the federalized 179th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron of the Minnesota Air National Guard flying F-51D Mustangs. In the fall of 1953 the unit transitioned into F-89D Scorpions and later the F-102 Delta Dagger.

In June 1960 the 11th FIS transitioned into F-106 Delta Darts. On 22 October 1962, before President Kennedy told the nation that missiles were in place in Cuba,at the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis, the squadron dispersed one third of its force, equipped with nuclear tipped missiles to Volk Field. These planes returned to Duluth IAP after the crisis.

In September 1968 the 1th FIS was inactivated and re-designated the 87th FIS remaining at Duluth IAP. While the 11th FIS deactivation resulted in retirement of the 11th FIS insignia, the new 87th FIS insignia was very similar. The 87th FIS moved from Duluth AP to K.I. Sawer AFB in May 1971.